Flamenco and Classical Guitars for sale

Solera Flamenca

Welcome to Solera Flamenca.

First of all we want to introduce ourselves: we are Jordi Franco and Carlos Garcia, two good friends united by a common passion: The Flamenco Guitar.

Flamenco Guitars For Sale

After more than 15 years working as a flamenco guitarist (Carlos) and guitars trading with the best builders of Spain (Jordi), we decided to establish this innovative company combining our experience as a guitarist and commercial agent to offer to the buyer the best guarantee for quality and service with the maximum transparency, in order to satisfy customer needs, detailing and covering all aspects of this: tensions, heights, sound condition, wood ...

All of our flamenco guitars are carefully selected, regarding its sound quality and originality, factors that we consider very important. In the descriptions, you will find the exact condition of the guitars, with utmost sincerity and clarity.

We keep in touch with whom we consider to be the best guitar makers.

Besides, we are old acquaintances, which allows us to select the best woods in order to obtain the best sound quality.

Flamenco Guitars For Sale

The policy of our company is to manage the purchase of the flamenco guitar that best suits the client, advising and counseling in order that after receiving the instrument, the customer is fully satisfied with the purchase. 

In the videos, we have decided to follow a pattern that shows to the customer a wide range of nuances essentials when choosing a flamenco guitar like: the balance and volume of all the strings, harmonics, strumming sound ... avoiding the usual videos in wich appear virtuosos performing musical pieces, in which we believe that can not appreciate the actual sound of the instrument. 

We are located in the city of Terrassa, near Barcelona. We have a collection service in Barcelona airport and train stations and facilitate their stay in the city in order that it may come to try all the guitars in our study, where you can select the guitar that suits your tastes and needs, with no obligation to make any purchases. 

Flamenco Guitars For Sale

Furthermore, we accept as part payment guitars in guitars of superior value and / or refund difference if the guitar that we offer beyond the value of the acquiree.

ANTONIO REY is back on Solera Flamenca to present his new album "DOS PARTES DE MI";
(Two parts of me), interpreting the Soleá "A mi compare Morao", also in this album.
We are offering all of our customers two guitars belonging to the classical guitar soloist and pedagogue JUAN JOSÉ SÁENZ GALLEGO: Ignacio Fleta e Hijos 1983, and Manuel Contreras 1982.
Rycardo Moreno & Pedro Javier González: "VERDE QUE TE QUIERO VERDE".
Jeronimo Maya’s latest production in Solera Flamenca.


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Calle Camí de l'Estació, 29 (visitas concertadas)
08233 - Vacarisses
Barcelona - Spain
Phone: +34 938 285 219
625074877 (Jordi) - 699146130 (Carlos)

Flamenco Guitars for Sale