ANTONIO REY in SOLERA FLAMENCA: a new production with lots of "ALMA"...

New production in Solera Flamenca: "Intro & Alma", by ANTONIO REY.

Recently, in August, we were delighted to have Maestro Antonio Rey in Solera Flamenca. A visit which contributes to enlarging this "library" of productions we have, where we mean to show everybody the most representative leading figures of flamenco today. This collection is enjoying great success among guitarists and flamenco lovers all over the world.

It is a real privilege for us to enjoy the art of this genius. Antonio is a virtuoso of the guitar, indeed. His technique, confidence and accuracy when playing are the result of his full-time commitment to his job. However, his innate gifts for playing this instrument play a part, as well. Hard work and talent: a combination which results in an extremely versatile guitarist, who has earned the respect and admiration of the audience and guitarists of the whole world.

We remind the reader that this new young guitarist is one of the most representative figures of the current flamenco guitar scene. After a long career as usual guitarist of flamenco’s great figures singing both as dancing (Farruquito, Antonio Canales, La Tana, Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo ... among many others), it is now when his guitar, on merit, takes center stage and shows us the true artist, a gifted man with the instrument, of exceptional musical maturity and a unique expression ability.

In this occasion, Maestro Antonio Rey is bringing us a song from his latest album, "Camino al Alma". "Alma" is the title of this emotional composition, preceded by an introduction of tarantas, where we can sense the fusion between some beautiful harmonies and the artist’s virtuosity and sensitivity. This video shows a guitar made by the craftsman Manuel Cáceres 2016, An incredible guitar, made by one of the best luthiers nowadays, with a powerful flamenco sound, just like our protagonist’s art.

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Next Saturday, 28 October 2017, El Palau de la Música (Barcelona) will witness Maestro Antonio Rey’s concert, where the guitarist will present his new album "DOS PARTES DE MI" (Two parts of me), and the audience will have the chance to listen to him playing the guitar "LA INVENCIBLE".
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