The guitar which won Rafael Riqueni´s love: Miguel Rodríguez 1968

Miguel Rodríguez 1968: The guitar which won Rafael Riqueni´s love... in Solera Flamenca

In Solera Flamenca we offer our customers a guitar with undeniable historic value: a guitar made by the legendary maker Miguel Rodríguez in 1968 and which you have probably seen before in Maestro Rafael Riqueni’ s hands, a genius of flamenco guitar nowadays. He can be seen with this guitar in many video and audio recordings along his whole career.



This magnificent guitar used to belong to the architect José Luis Parreño, from Cordoba, quite a close friend of the artist. Given the deep admiration he professed for Maestro Riqueni, and the interest and joy Riqueni showed for his guitar, José Luis Parreño used to lend him the guitar sometimes. In fact, we can see him with this very guitar in every single video, recording and TV programme until the late 90s.

This is a one in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a historic guitar, played by a true genius of flamenco art. Besides, made by one of the greatest guitar makers ever.

Before finishing these lines, we will leave you some videos for you to enjoy a very young Rafael Riqueni, playing some of his compositions of that time, allowing you to enjoy the acoustic qualities, flamenco timbre and spectacular sound quality of this great instrument, apart from the creative skills and virtuosity of this leading figure, essential in the world of the flamenco guitar.

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