"ZYRYAB": New production in Solera Flamenca

Antonio Rey & Pedro Javier González: "ZYRYAB", tribute Paco de Lucia.

Last October we had Maestros Antonio Rey and Pedro Javier González one more time at our studio in Solera Flamenca. A visit which contributes to the growth of this "library" of productions which we are filling, little by Little, meaning to show the most representative leading figures of the flamenco panorama nowadays. It is turning out to be a great success among guitarists and fans from all around the world.

This time we enjoyed the way these two guitarists paid a tribute to Maestro Paco de Lucia, playing the famous "ZYRYAB", a masterful composition which demands great technique, but also requires a high degree of improvisation. A version played with all the respect we all have for Paco, and which makes it obvious how much these two great guitarists in particular admire the genius from Algeciras.

We remind the reader that this new young guitarist is one of the most representative figures of the current flamenco guitar scene. After a long career as usual guitarist of flamenco’s great figures singing both as dancing (Farruquito, Antonio Canales, La Tana, Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo ... among many others), it is now when his guitar, on merit, takes center stage and shows us the true artist, a gifted man with the instrument, of exceptional musical maturity and a unique expression ability.

Pedro Javier González is a guitarist and composer from Barcelona. He stands out as a guitarist due to his crystal-clear play, tempered and measured, as well as his musical versatility when it comes to adapting to different genres. Along his career, he has released eleven albums, and he has produced and collaborated with artists from different branches in classical, flamenco, jazz and pop-rock: Yoshimi Otani, Toti Soler, Feliu Gasull, Victoria de los Ángeles, El último de la fila, Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluis Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Manolo García, Paco Ortega, Mónica Molina, Angelo Branduardi, Manolo García or Roberto Alagna, among many others. A guitarist gifted with a flawless technique, as well as an exquisite musical taste we have the privilege to enjoy when recording all of our guitars.

It is a true privilege for us to have the chance to enjoy the art of these two geniuses, and their virtuosity with the guitar: their technique, PULSACION, self-confidence, and accuracy when playing are the result of fully devoting themselves to their work along all these years, apart from a natural born talent, obviously. A combination resulting in two balanced guitarists, in every sense, which has won over the respect and admiration of every musician and playera ll around the world. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO BOTH OF YOU!!!

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