Information about the new CITES law, and how it will affect owners of musical instruments.

Ever since the beginning of this year, 2017, with the arrival of the law agreed in the CITES conference, affecting all "DALBERGIA" woods (also known in the music domain as "rosewood"), we have received plenty of emails from customers with doubts. This is why we have decided to release this article, in order to solve these doubts as regards the purchase of a guitar, according to the new law.

To start with, what is CITES? CITES (Convention about International Trade of Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement among governments. It aims to watch international trade of wild animal and plants species so their survival is not endangered. Anyway, how does it affect us when it comes to buying a guitar? From 2 January 2017, every single guitar containing any kind of rosewood must be standardized and declared approved to be exported out of the European Union. (We would like to remind and make clear that DALBERIGIA NIGRA wood is a kind which is standardized since 1992, and requires a different kind of procedure to be exported).

The process of declaration and standardization of stock only affects the guitar maker, in case we are talking about guitars made from 2017 on. Therefore, all of you, as customers, must receive a document attached to any guitar, which specifies the stock number, printed in the bill. With this document, you will be able to travel or ship your guitar anywhere in Europe. Should you prefer to ship it out of the European Union, you will have to request the CITES document, as well as the re-exportation permit in a specialized centre (such as SOIVRE, if you live in Spain), using for that matter the stock number, printed in your bill. This is a quick and simple process, so no problem shall arise.

For second-hand guitars, things are a bit different: Guitars made of rosewood before 2017 DO NOT need to be declared or standardized. THE ONLY CASE where they do is when you wish to export the guitar out of the European Union. You, as its owner, must take care of the declaration of your instrument in a specialized centre (for instance, SOIVRE, if you live in Spain). This process can be carried out anytime, and the document will be obtained easily. You DO NOT need that document to travel with the guitar.

In Solera Flamenca, as specialists in trading guitars internationally, WE DO HAVE ALL OF OUR GUITARS STANDARDIZED AND DECLARED (all the ones requiring such standardization) WITH THEIR CORRESPONDING STOCK NUMBER. Nowadays we are working with some guitars made of cypress wood where the parts usually made with rosewood (head, inlays, bridge) are made of woods with no need for specific standardizations, such as pau ferro (Brazilian ironwood). We hope these lines shed some light on your posible doubts when purchasing a guitar so these generalized fears are gone, as this process is really simple and quick, with no complications at all.

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