50 Anniversary Felipe Conde: Reed. “Sobrinos de Domingo esteso 1974”

On Solera Flamenca we would like to show our customers the new model of flamenco guitar made by Felipe Conde. It is a model which accurately replicates one of Paco de Lucía´s guitars, which we acquired through Maestro José Mª Bandera. We had this guitar two years ago, and it surprised us so much that we instantly knew we had to make a reedition. Well, this day has come, after talking to Felipe Conde we started the project, collaborating with them, in order to create a true gem of Spanish guitar: “Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso Reedition, 1974” (Domingo Esteso´s Nephews). (SEE GUITAR)

This flamenco guitar is truly special for us. It is not so easy to find guitars from this popular firm from Madrid in any time, with this combination of woods: cedar and Brazilian rosewood. It is authentic, with its corresponding CITES certificate. Top quality rosewood of the 70s, and a cedar top which is more than 50 years old, coming from Felipe´s workshop.

The use of Brazilian rosewood is the only change we implemented in this reedition. The original guitar was made of Indian rosewood, which takes this instrument to the very top rank, destined to be a cult instrument.

It was made with the same template and mould used for the original instrument in 1974. In fact, Felipe acquired the mould after his aunt Juliana, Faustino Conde´s widow, passed away.

A model that was born in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Felipe Conde in his career as a guitar maker. From this model, only 25 units will be made, exact replicas of this guitar. Thanks to Felipe Conde´s hands, this reproduction was carried out down to the smallest detail. The luthier decided to call it “Concierto Serie Oro” (Concert Golden Series).

In this new model of flamenco guitar, Felipe Conde managed to create an exact replica of Paco de Lucía´s guitar. As regards timbre and sound quality they are almost impossible to distinguish. This combination of cedar and Brazilian rosewood is really special in the guitar world. These woods, along with the quality and structure of guitars back then, provide the instrument with surprising sound quality and volume, bringing back the genuine and personal sound of Hermanos Conde from that golden age of flamenco which captivates all of us.

No introductions whatsoever are needed for this luthier, Felipe Conde: The greatest representative of one of the most prestigious firms of Spanish guitar in history: Hermanos Conde. It is inevitable, just like when we talk about Hermanos Conde we all recall Paco de Lucía with his inseparable guitar from this firm, the same as Pepe Habichuela, Moraito Chico, Cepero, and an endless list of artists who captivated us with their music, born from pure genius and inspiration, where the instrument plays an essential role in the musician´s creative process. Well, this is precisely the secret of the firm. Hermanos Conde succeeded in instilling a very characteristic sound into their guitars. It was different from all the other ones, which the great musicians of that time loved, so the artist felt deeply linked to that sound when they composed and interpreted their music.

The template and mould used for this guitar, along with the technological advances and the more developed tools nowadays, they all have resulted in an unbeatable guitar, capable of making us feel and remember the music of the Maestro in our own hands.