The day has come! After more than two years, we have finally received these two guitars made by Manuel Reyes Jr, which we ordered with so much excitement, convinced by the spectacular sound we found in the very few guitars made by genius luthier, only available in the second-hand market. (SEE GUITAR) (SEE GUITAR).

For us, Manuel Reyes Jr is one of our favourite craftsmen ,and we have decided to compose this article to settle the conflict and a wrong perception about his guitars, compared to his father´s.

Manuel Reyes passed on everything he knew to his son. For more than twenty years, he lived this experience with his father, at the workshop, absorbing this priceless knowledge, and putting everything into practice in a handcrafted way, for every single step of the making of an instrument. It is important to highlight it, as his father particularly insisted in that, resulting in a luthier who has a special sensitivity when it comes to working the wood.

EIt is well-known that Manuel Reyes senior was extremely refined, even more than his son. However, regarding acoustics, we believe his son made an even higher-quality product, as it represents the “white” concert guitar which his father attained, although with higher scope, and trebles particularly thick and powerful.

Additionally, Manuel Reyes Jr reached a really personal timbre in his instruments, which makes it easy to differentiate them from his father´s. Although the same essence still remains, the son´s instruments remind us more of the essence of Gerundino´s guitars of the 70s.

It may sound crazy of us to state that we regard Manuel Reyes Junior´s guitars as acoustically better than his father´s. However, this is something we have been able to see for ourselves in our meetings, playing and comparing them in many occasions. For this reason we encourage every guitar lover, performer and/or collector to study these instruments, with all their fascinating qualities.

This is our in-depth analysis of the guitars made by this genius, with whom we have been meaning to work for such a long time. From now on, we hope we will continue working with him, and learning so much for as long as possible, as part of our “team” of guitar makers.