“A mi compare Morao”: ANTONIO REY presents his new álbum on Solera Flamenca

ANTONIO REY is back on Solera Flamenca to present his new album “DOS PARTES DE MI”;
(Two parts of me), interpreting the Soleá “A mi compare Morao”, also in this album.

Last August we were paid a visit by Maestro Antonio Rey in our Solera Flamenca studio. After the recent release of his fourth album, titled “Dos partes de mi”, we are thrilled to enjoy and immortalize one of the songs of this new album in our library.

We remind the reader that this new young guitarist is one of the most representative figures of the current flamenco guitar scene. After a long career as usual guitarist of flamenco’s great figures singing both as dancing (Farruquito, Antonio Canales, La Tana, Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo… among many others), it is now when his guitar, on merit, takes center stage and shows us the true artist, a gifted man with the instrument, of exceptional musical maturity and a unique expression ability.

It is a real privilege for us to enjoy the art of this genius. Antonio is a virtuoso of the guitar, indeed. His technique, confidence and accuracy when playing are the result of his full-time commitment to his job. However, his innate gifts for playing this instrument play a part, as well. Hard work and talent: a combination which results in an extremely versatile guitarist, who has earned the respect and admiration of the audience and guitarists of the whole world.

This time, Maestro Antonio Rey brought us one of the songs in the album “Dos partes de mi”. The name of the song is, as we said, “A mi compare Morao”. It is a touching soleá, dedicated to his colleague and friend Diego del Morao, where the artist shows us a composition with a perfect balance between beautiful harmonies and the virtuosity and sensitivity typical of this genius of the flamenco guitar. This video shows a guitar made by the craftsman Jerónimo Pérez Modelo Antonio de Torres del año 2017, an incredible guitar, made by one of the best luthiers nowadays, with a powerful flamenco sound, just like our protagonist’s art.