Antonio Rey & “La Invencible” in el Palau de la Música: “ALMA” (live)

On Solera Flamenca we have the great pleasure of showing you a new video with Maestro Antonio Rey with our guitar “La Invencible” (The Invincible), made by Antonio de Torres, in a live recording from a concert performed last October 2017 in el Palau de la Música de Barcelona.

We remind the reader that this new young guitarist is one of the most representative figures of the current flamenco guitar scene. After a long career as usual guitarist of flamenco’s great figures singing both as dancing (Farruquito, Antonio Canales, La Tana, Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo… among many others), it is now when his guitar, on merit, takes center stage and shows us the true artist, a gifted man with the instrument, of exceptional musical maturity and a unique expression ability.

On this occasion, Maestro Antonio Rey is bringing us a tune from his album “Camino al Alma” (road to the soul). “Alma” is the title of this emotional composition, where beautiful harmonies, sensitivity and virtuosity of this genius of the flamenco guitar merge.