Beautilul short feature report about the history of the guitar firm Francisco Barba

“BEAUTIFUL, UNMISSABLE”. This is the short feature report produced MADERAS BARBER, about the history of the guitar firm Francisco Barba.

This is a short film in which Francisco Barba is emotionally naked, explaining us, with his typical sensitivity, how he started as a luthier, until the evolution of his creations, with his sons, Juan and Francisco, at the workshop.

We must admit we were touched while watching and listening to Francisco Barba, speaking the TRUTH, humbly and sincerely. He was really grateful to everybody who helped him when he started this path, to the guitarists, whether they were amateurs or professionals, who trusted his work and skills for so long, all of which led him to be recognized as one of the very best guitar makers in history.

We take pride in working with Francisco and his sons, Juan and Francisco Barba. We are also proud of counting on his prestigious firm for our increasingly impressive guitar catalogue. In fact, as we have said some other times, there’s no such thing as a bad Barba. All his guitars which have been in our hands have proved this sentence true, with unparalleled sound and finishes. These finishes are particularly worth mentioning, as there has never been an instrument capable of offering such quality level as regards the finishes: binding works, glueing process, varnishing, polishing, neatness… NEVER matched.

Something we really like hearing from Juan and Francisco is that one of their top priorities is to make sure their guitars “sound like Barba”, as this is something both Jordi and me value very positively, even above many other variables. For instance, personality is essential to us when it comes to the timbre of an instrument. It is like a flamenco singer’s voice. You may like it or not, but when a cantaor sings well, and with personality, nothing can beat that!
Well, this is exactly what happens with Francisco Barba’s guitars: We understand there might be some people who prefer some other timbres from other great firms, such as Rodríguez or Gerundino. However, what is undeniable is that no instrument can possibly sound better than this one. Perhaps differently, but never better!

Without further ado, we leave you with the short film… ENJOY IT!