Can Wang: “El gitano de Pekín” in Solera Flamenca

This week at Solera Flamenca, we bring you the guitar of Can Wang, without a doubt, one of the most peculiar, entertaining, and surprising characters to have graced Solera Flamenca, an ARTIST in capital letters with a rhythm and taste that are mind-blowing!

Can Wang, born in Beijing in 1990, is recognized in the flamenco scene as “The Gypsy of Beijing”. He is the first professional guitarist from China in this genre. He holds a Master’s degree in Flamenco Research and Analysis from the University of Cadiz, and is also a graduate of the Superior Conservatory of Music “Rafael Orozco” in Cordoba.

His first teacher was Alberto Cuéllar, a Granada guitarist based in Beijing. Upon returning to Spain, he continued his studies with prominent masters such as Eduardo Rebollar, Rafael Riqueni, and David Cerreduela, reaching a high level of mastery and being recognized as a virtuoso of the instrument.

It was under the guidance of Manolo Sanlúcar that he perfected his art. In 2018, he participated in the recording of Manolo Sanlúcar’s documentary “El Legado”. Additionally, in his native country, he founded an online platform about flamenco, which has become the most visited in China and has been instrumental in introducing this art form to Chinese culture.

Can Wang is recording his first album “Viaje al Sentío,” a project by Air Music Group.

In this recording, maestro Can Wang gifts us with an unpublished composition, “Atardecer”, that will be included in his album… THANK YOU, CAN!!!

For this recording, Can Wang played a guitar crafted by the master luthier Francisco Sánchez, 2023.

Without further ado, we present you with this beautiful bulería with a rhythm that will be felt even by the most arrhythmic… ENJOY IT!