Daniel Casares: Creative virtuosity

This week we are bringing you Daniel Casares´ flamenco guitar. A young guitarist with natural born skills for this instrument. His creative abilities, virtuosity, his personality expressed in his playing have all led him to becoming one of the most recognizable figures of flamenco today.

For this recording, Daniel Casares is accompanied by the clapping and cheering (palmas y jaleos) of Joaquín Gómez “El Duende” and Raúl Leiva, two singers from Barcelona with an outstanding mastery of the rhythm, and a wide knowledge of music styles. They have performed on stage next to great artists, such as Chicuelo, Duquende, Juan Manuel Cañizares…, among others.

Daniel Casares was born in 1980, in “El Limonar”, a neighbourhood of Malaga. At the early age of 13, he would take part in the recording of the collective album “A la Guitarra de Estepona”, and aged 16, he would be awarded with the prestigious “Bordón Minero” of La Unión, becoming the youngest guitarist (then) to obtain it. Shortly after, he would win Jaen National Guitar Contest, which would allow him to record his first album “Duende Flamenco”.

His musical charm is closely related to Juanito Valderrama, who he worked with for the last years of his career, as it is proved in the album “Don Juan”, recorded live in La Union flamenco festival (Murcia).

The lyric world has also had the chance to enjoy Daniel Casares´ guitar, as he accompanied mezzosoprano Cecilia Bartoli during her European tour, in order to pay a tribute to the diva María Malibrán.

In 2005, Daniel Casares was named “Best New Artist” in New York. The prize was awarded by ACE, Association of Show Business chroniclers. In 2010 he was chosen to represent European culture in the presentation event for the media in the Universal Exposition of Shangai 2010.

Casares has taken part in countless collaborations. Some of the most remarkables ones would be: Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Poveda, Dulce Pontes , Pasión Vega, Toquinho, Antonio Orozco, José Mercé, etc… As a result of this collaboration, Alejandro Sanz became his editor for his 5th album “El ladrón del agua”.

At the moment, he collaborates live and composing for some of the works of Dulce Pontes and Miguel Poveda.

In July 2014 he released “La luna de Alejandra”, along with Malaga Philarmonic Orchestra, his first symphonic work for guitar and orchestra. In 2015, he added Rodrigo´s “Concierto de Aranjuez” to his symphonic repertoire, proposing it along with “La luna de Alejandra”. On 13 November 2015, he performed this concert in Candelaria Virgin Church, in Río de Janeiro, thus commemorating the 75th anniversary of Rodrigo´s masterpiece.

In November 2015 he released “PICASSARES”, his 6th album. This album intends to pay a tribute to the painter Pablo Picasso. Here the author shows us all his most flamenco essence. Its ten songs count on the priceless collaborations of Dulce Pontes, Adam Ben Ezra, Rubio de Pruna y Miguel Poveda… among others.

n today´s production we will be offering you a beautiful buleria he composed himself. Its name is “Capote de Seda”, and it appears in his latest album, “GUITARRISIMO”. With this tune, the author means to claim how underrated and neglected the guitar is these days, especially on the media. The song is accompanied by the clapping and cheering (palmas y jaleos) of Joaquín Gómez and Raúl Leiva. This is a song recorded with a guitar by the maker José Ramírez, 1970, A guitar with a very flamenco and personal sound, just like our protagonist.