DIEGO DEL MORAO “por Bulerías” on Solera Flamenca

This week, on Solera Flamenca we are bringing you the unmistakeable guitar of Diego del Morao, a virtuoso of the rhythm. A production where this genius from Cadiz gives us some of his new compositions of bulerías and alegrías (the latter will be published shortly), where we can find new harmonies and jugglings with the rhythm. They are so typical of this artist, and we really enjoy them. Additionally, they are setting a new standard. For this recording, Diego del Morao is accompanied by José Córdoba aka “Moskito” for percussion, son of the great singer Blas Córdoba, aka “Kejío”.

Diego del Morao is considered to be one of the best flamenco guitarists of our time, his genius as an artist, his unique sense of rhythm and his endless creativity make him a true “Wizard” Guitar as many call him, creating a personal and unique style in the same way as guitarists like Paco de Lucia and Vicente Amigo did. Regular guitarist of artists like Diego el Cigala, Diego Carrasco, José Mercé, Niña Pastori … among others, his music is present in many recordings of artists seeking his collaboration in their recordings. It is not surprising that the master of masters, Paco de Lucia, publicly said once that Diego was his “weakness”.

In the production we show you, one can find some of his most typical falsettos with some new ones, which will be included in his new album, a masterfully composed buleria where beautiful tunes merge with an absolutely prodigious technique, and where the spot is on rhythmic resources, and are shown incredibly fast. A video recorded with a guitar made by Francisco Barba, year 2018. An incredible guitar made by one of the greatest makers ever, with powerful and very flamenco sound, just like the performing skills of our protagonist.