Enrique Garcia guitars

Enrique García was born in Madrid in 1868 and died on 31 October 1922 in Barcelona. Despite being a son of a luthier (Juan García), he started in the business by joining Manuel Ramírez´s workshop in 1883, working for him until 1895. After leaving this workshop, he moved to Barcelona, where he would open his own workshop, in 309 Aragon St. In 1899 he moved to 455 Aragon St, and later on, he would finally move again to 110 Paseo San Juan. Enrique García is regarded as the father of Barcelona school, or Catalan school in the world of Spanish guitar. In 1893 he was awarded the First Prize of the “Chicago World Fair”, providing him with worldwide prestige and recognition, particularly in Latin America, where his guitars were highly demanded. His guitars stand out for their very personal and intimate sound, which succeeded in captivating some of the greatest maestros of that time, such as Francisco Tárrega or Domingo Prat. Enrique García died on 31 October 1922.