FELIPE MAYA: The source of wisdom

This week, on Solera Flamenca, we present a new production of Maestro Felipe Maya: an artistic buleria accompanied by the clapping of his son, Jerónimo Maya, the guitarist Pepe Fernandez and the percussionist Jose Tobalo.

Felipe Maya Losada was born in Madridejos (Toledo) in 1950. Direct descendant of the legendary guitarist Ramón Montoya, and father of guitarists Jerónimo and Leo Maya. Felipe Maya is a true master of the instrument capable of taking his son to the top level, thanks to his wisdom and great knowledge of flamenco. The way he plays is full of talent and character. Listening to his music, we can tell where Jeronimo´s talent comes from: We are indeed before THE SOURCE ITSELF.

Along his career, Felipe Maya has accompanied, as a first guitarist, flamenco dancing stars like “El Güito” and “El Farruco”. He has played for some imporant singers, such as Enrique Morente, Juan Peña “El Lebrijano”, Ramón “El Portugués” and “El Indio Gitano”, among others.

Without further ado, we are now leaving you with this video which Maestro Felipe Maya recorded with Jerónimo Maya, Pepe Fernández and Jose Tobalo, all of them first-class artists, accompanying this beautiful buleria with clapping and cheering in our Studio in Solera Flamenca. A recording performed with a guitar made by master luthier FRANCISCO BARBA: One of the best makers ever, indeed… ENJOY IT!