The fifth part of Manuel de Falla´s unpublished letters to Miguel Llobet. They have been transcribed, once more, by Santiago Míguez de la Rosa. (IN THE LOWER SIDE OF THIS ARTICLE, WE WILL LEAVE YOU THE LINK TO THE PREVIOUS LETTERS PUBLISHED ON OUR WEB)

Address: Mr. Miguel Llobet 4 bis Regomir St, Barcelona

Granada, 4 July (1)921

Dearest Miguel: I have just returned from a trip (London, Paris), and I have not been able to write to you earlier, as I have not had a single minute off, because of rehearsals, concerts, performances, etc.

I sincerely congratulate you for the great success of your concerts in Germany. Also, I would like to express all my gratitude for including my pieces in all your programmes.

In Madrid I have been told about your interpretation and your pieces with great enthusiasm. I am really sorry I have not read about Salazar´s article, as it has not been published by El Sol in its province edition.

I am really happy about the result of my trip: In London I played the piano part of the Nocturnos with a wonderful orchestra at the Queen’s Hall, and then at Royal College.

At the Princess, with the Covent Garden orchestra, the Ballets Russes performed the Sombrero.

A magnificent execution by the orchestra, with the subsequent success.

It is by all means necessary for you to come and perform some concerts in Granada.

I do not need to remind you how much we remember you in this house, which is also yours.

Please, let me know in what time of the year you might be able to ccome, so Barrios and me can start working on that subject.

I beg you to send my kindest regards to your Wife, on my behalf, and kindly receive an affectionate hug, with all my admiration and my friendship,

Manuel de Falla



Addresser: Falla: Alhambra, Granada

Falla has just returned from London. There, he interpreted the piano part of the Noches at the Jardines de España (Nocturnos) in one of the concerts of Edward Clark´s modern music, on 20 May, at the Queen’s Hall. He also had the chance to attend a performance of the El Sombrero de Tres Picos (Le Tricorne) with the Russian Ballets. This performance was released in London, two years earlier, in 1919, with Leonide Massine´s choreography and Pablo Picasso´s scenography.

The composer congratulates Miguel Llobet for the success obtained in his concerts in Germany and Austria in 1921, where he included his Homage and his own transcription of the Canción del Fuego Fatuo (which appears as Canción Gitana in the programmes) of Manuel de Falla´s “El Amor Brujo”. Also, he mentions the review of Miguel Llobet´s concert for the premiere of Falla´s Tribute to Debussy, published by Adolfo Salazar on the newspaper El Sol, on 9 March 1921.

Santiago Míguez de la Rosa, 11 November 2020.


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