Guitar Case Hiscox PRO-II-GCL-L

The cases firm called Hiscox Cases Ltd. was founded in 1985 by Brynn Hiscox, a professional guitar maker. His customers demanded a case with the very best protection for their instrument. Brynn Hiscox poured all his knowledge and experience into the matter, which resulted in cases capable of meeting the highest demands, thus filling a void in the market.

The case Hiscox PRO-II-GCL-L is one of the strongest and most resistant guitar cases available, made of high-resistance ABS.

It has a maximum front weight loading of 500 kg.

It is perfect for preserving high-quality guitars, as well as keeping them in great condition after trips, even by plane.

    Length: 103cm
    Lower curve width: 38cm
    Upper curve width: 28cm
    Body length: 49,5cm
    Body depth: 11,7cm
    Weight: 3 kg

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