Flamenco Guitar Courses

In this section we offer you the best online flamenco guitar courses that exist on the market.Both their quality and presentation are exceptional.

In these flamenco guitar courses you will learn at the hands of some of today’s best flamenco guitar maestros.Through these lessons you will advance easily and steadily,accquiring a solid base that will transform and catapult your playing to another level.Think that these old masters,who we revere and admire today ,have learnt without having all that modern technology makes available within their reach.It is a magnificent opportunity to learn and widen our knowledge and improve our abilities exponentially in a much shorter and quicker time frame if we compare it with the way people learnt only a few years ago.Let’s make the most of what technology can offer us!

As always at Solera Flamenca,we want the best for our clients.We don’t have the capacity or the time necessary to create flamenco guitar courses with this level of quality and,for this reason,these flamenco guitar courses that we offer you are a creation of online flamenco and “Buscadores de la Guitarra”.

For us,it’s a matter of genuine pride and satisfaction to be able to offer and recommend products of the best quality, even if they haven’t been created by us,as we believe that any product,course or event that deserves to be mentioned and which we can help to reach a wider audience ,is a contribution to the enrichment of our culture.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by,go online and see every one of the flamenco guitar courses so that you can appreciate for yourselves the quantity and quality of the contents on offer.

cursos buscadores de la guitarra

“Buscadores de la Guitarra” is a portal that originates from Cádiz.

Pituquete has deservedly earned his place in the current flamenco scene and he has accompanied the best artists.

He has more than 20 years experience as a professional flamenco guitarist and teacher and he has drawn on all his knowledge for the courses of “Buscadores de la Guitarra”. To work with him he has Encarna Anillo, one of the most famous voices on the current flamenco scene, and you will have the privilege of accompanying her on different styles along with José Anillo.