Courses buscadores de la guitarra

“Buscadores de la Guitarra” is a portal that originates from Cádiz.

Pituquete has deservedly earned his place in the current flamenco scene and he has accompanied the best artists.

He has more than 20 years experience as a professional flamenco guitarist and teacher and he has drawn on all his knowledge for the courses of “Buscadores de la Guitarra”.

To work with him he has Encarna Anillo,one of the most famous voices on the current flamenco scene,and you will have the privilege of accompanying her on different styles along with José Anillo,who is a national prize winner in ‘Cante por Alegrias’ ,as well as having performed on the most prestigious flamenco stages.

The courses are totally online and they are designed so that you can progress at your own rhythm in mini lessons.They are recorded with a multi-camera so that you won’t miss even the smallest hand-detail and you can download tablature to make your learning faster.

Access to the courses is for life and they are constantly evolving and alive,as material is added regularly.

In each course you will be able to see a preview..enter and explore for yourselves the material on offer and you will understand immediately why we recommend it!

Flamenco Guitar Course: Technique

The Technique Course is of fundamental value, both if you are starting out with flamenco guitar or if you have been playing for years.

It will show you the key to improving your technique and it will tell you the secrets that the professional guitarists use to play with assurance, speed and confidence.

curso de técnica de guitarra flamenca

Flamenco Guitar Course: Bulerias

This course of Bulerías will show you how to play Bulerías as they have always been played.

It will show you the fundamental basics of Bulerias from Jerez, the bars, the endings and a lot more.

With this course you will be able to take your playing through bulerías to the next level.

curso de bulerías

Accompanying a singer in Bulerías

In this course in accompanying a singer in Bulerías you will put into practice everything that you have learnt in the Bulería course and you will apply it in accompanying the singer.

It will show you all the secrets to accompanying the singer and you yourself will be accompanying Encarna Anillo and José Anillo.

Acompañamiento al Cante por Bulerías