You asked for it, and here it is. Many of you were asking us when we would release a carbon string model… but as you know, carbon strings have a ‘less natural’ sound that we don’t prefer. We prefer the naturalness of nylon, in addition to the problem of the high tension that carbon strings produce, ultimately harming the health of our guitar.

For this reason, we have created a set of strings with bass strings made from a special alloy that provides approximately 10% more tension than our usual sets. The first and second strings are made with a more consistent nylon, and the third string is made of carbon, crafted from a softer-than-usual special carbon that matches the thickness and tension of the second string. With this, we manage to avoid the problem derived from excessive tension that would result from using all carbon strings while maintaining the natural sound. Additionally, it balances the projection and volume of the third string, which in many cases, is somewhat unbalanced.

After the release of Solera Flamenca Strings, now we are releasing the “PROFESSIONAL PACK”: A pack made up of two whole sets of strings, and two additional sets of bass strings.

This pack is specially designed for the demands and needs of professional guitarists, whose strings are expected to wear after all the time devoted to the instrument. This wear will be even more noticeable in the bass strings. Thanks to this pack, we will be able to replace the bass strings with no need to change the whole set, neither replace only a part of a it.

· “Tablao” specifications
· Third string (G) “Soft Carbon”
· Medium/Hard tension
· Flexible touch
· Natural sound
· Excellent feel
· Long life

· 1ª, Mi …… Nylon FLEX …… 0,73 mm / .029″
· 2ª, Si ……. Nylon FLEX …… 0.85 mm / .033″
· 3ª, Sol ….. SOFT Carbon … 0.85 mm / .033″
· 4ª, Re ….. Bordón INOX …. 0.72 mm / .028″
· 5ª, La …… Bordón INOX …. 0.88 mm / .035″
· 6ª, Mi …… Bordón INOX …. 1.08 mm / .043″

Price 47.10