Francisco Barba guitars

Francisco Barba was born in 1939 in Sevilla.

At the beginning of the 1970s he started working as a carpenter with his father, until he decided, being 17 years old, to become a self-taught luthier. He learned and worked in the workshop inside what is still his house in Arroyo Street, in Sevilla.

His laborious construction process and particular sound of the Francisco Barba guitars are responsible for the fact of being considered one of the best master luthiers ever.

A totally handmade construction and an incredibly increasing demand of his magnificent guitars resulted in the fact that his clients had to wait two or even three years to receive their guitars.

Today his sons continue, next to his father, with the tradition, making excellent guitars which delight the most demanding performers and guitar lovers.

Some of the greatest guitarists who have chosen these guitars are Rafael Riqueni, Manolo Franco, Manuel Molina, Niño de Pura…