Flamenco guitar Gerundino Fernández 1974

This flamenco guitar was made in 1974 by Gerundino Fernández, a prestigious guitar maker, born in Almería. He is regarded as one of the best guitar makers ever, despite the facts of being self-taught and leading a bohemian life in his last years. His guitars have been present in stages all over with guitar performers like Paco Peña, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador…

This flamenco guitar dates from 1974, a year which belongs to what many people consider the best period in Gerundino´s life (1970-1980). It has been built with carefully selected woods: the top is made of cedar of Canada, with a straight, even and very marked grain along its whole surface, whereas perfect cypress wood has been chosen for the back and sides.

The sound that comes out from this guitar is spectacular, for its quality as well as for the volume it provides, the basses is deep and powerful, the trebles are crystaline and with an astounding projection, a sound with its own personality as a whole, that makes you fall in love from the first to the last note.

This flamenco guitar has got middle tension, and a reduced height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard, providing the guitarist with a high degree of comfort for both hands, as well as an easy performance. Besides, we can feel the extra comfort of having such a light guitar (hardly heavier than a kg.)

The condition of this guitar is excellent and completly original, without any cracks or repairs. On the upper part of the top, next to the fingerboard, there is a grain which master luthier Gerundino meant to secure during the making of this guitar with a small wooden plate, in order to prevent the zone from being affected by a crack. It all can be checked in the pictures attached.

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Canadian cedar

Back and sides


Scale length

650 mm


French polish


Traditional wooden pegs

String height 12th fret

2.5 mm

Saddle height

6.6 mm

Nut width

55 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

46 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

58 mm


1210 gr


Excellent – original

Included case

Prado brown or black

Optional case ( plus 650 € )