Hermanos Conde guitars

The beginning of this brand started with master Domingo Esteso, who was born in Cuenca in 1882.

After working in Manuel Ramírez´s workshop next to Enrique García, Santos Hernández, and other great luthiers, his own workshop would be open in 1915 in Madrid, with his wife, Nicolasa Salamanca, who helped him by varnishing the guitars.

Several years later, already a recognized luthier, he taught his nephews, Julio, Faustino and Mariano Conde , the secrets of this art. They worked with Domingo Esteso until his very death, in 1937.

After this tragedy, these guitars became “viuda y sobrinos de Domingo Esteso” (Domingo Esteso´s widow and nephews). Some years later, after her death, it bécame “sobrinos de Domingo Esteso” (Domingo Esteso´s nephews). Finally, the guitars would turn out to be called “Hermanos Conde sobrinos de Domingo Esteso” (Conde Brothers, Domingo Esteso´s nephews).

This time was the most prolific time for them, as most artist of that time ordered their guitars. In 1960, the “media luna” “cabeza” became widespread in major guitars and some changes were introduced, concerning the template and fan bracing of the guitars, as well as new “rosetas” and “mosaicos”.

In the 1970s Mariano´s sons, Felipe and Mariano Conde, joined the workshop, with the change of the label of the guitars, now being Conde brothers, heirs, Esteso´s nephews.

Mariano Conde would decide to establish a worshop to work on his own in Felipe V Street, along with his sons, Felipe and Mariano, whereas Faustino Conde would stay in the workshop in Gravina Street until his death in 1988.

After their father´s death in 1989, Felipe and Mariano Conde took over the workshop, maintaining the brand “Hermanos Conde”, whose popularity became widespread all around the world.

In 2010 both brothers decided to split and work separately: Felipe started working in Arrieta Street, and Mariano in Amnistía Street, both of them in Madrid, where the guitar making tradition continues with their own name.