“Homenaje a Marcelo Barbero”: A new model of flamenco guitars

The guitar maker Alberto Fernández and Solera Flamenca are releasing a new flamenco guitar model, which will definitely make a difference in the semihandicraft guitar world.

This guitar model is born because of the need of providing the market with a good value-for-money instrument. In other words, a high-performance instrument for an economical price. Taking Marcelo Barbero´s model of 1953 as a starting point, one can imagine the quality of the resulting work of art. Marcelo Barbero is one of the greatest guitar makers in history, and every single detail has been carefully respected and followed, thus maintaining the same dimensions, scale, size, and aesthetics as the very original instrument. For its making process, both traditional and mechanical processes have been employed, allowing the craftsmen to reduce the production time, and thus the final price of the instrument. Therefore, Alberto Hernández, along with Solera Flamenca, has accomplished the making of a top-level instrument for quite an affordable price, which we think will revolutionize the current market of flamenco semi-handicraft guitars.

For the presentation of this new model of flamenco guitar, “Tribute to Marcelo Barbero”, the virtuoso PEPE FERNÁNDEZ will be offering a little concert at NAMM 2018 (California). This presentation concert will take place next 26 January at 13h at Guitarras Esteve stand.

Pepe Fernández is a guitarist who was born in France, although his gipsy background is Spanish, from Granada to be specific. His sense of rhythm and creative skills are just amazing. Aged 8, he started to play the guitar under his father´s tutelage, making clear and showing the world his natural talent as regards flamenco guitar. This incredible skills led him to being on stage with great artists, such as José Maya, David de Jacoba, Rubio de Pruna… at a surprisingly early age.