One might be under the impression that we are giving Jerónimo some more visibility, compared to the rest of guitarist… and we must declare ourselves guilty as charged.

Solera Flamenca has associated with the musical producers Pedro Javier González and Piet Vermazeren, with the purpose of producing this new phase in maestro Jerónimo Maya´s musical career. The fact that three musical producers have become associated for this project with a single guitarist is explained by the admiration and faith we all have in him, his versatility, endless creativity, the way his complex musical language opens a brand new range of possibilities to all of us. Consequently, from now on, we will be offering and informing about all the news brewing in this “musical kitchen” created in Solera Flamenca. We are quite sure you will be surprised by many of our creations!

Ever since Solera Flamenca was created, all of you know we want everybody to know what we don´t really like. As a result, we intend for our friends to read it, so they have the chance to develop their own opinion and criterion on that matter, with the biggest possible amount of information.

Jerónimo´s music is one of these discoveries we want to show the world.

It is difficult to see why a guitarist like Jerónimo Maya has not had a big impact on the media worldwide. However, if we dig deep in his life, we will be able to see that it has been due to a number of circumstances and coincidences resulting in a big black hole, affecting his career for a long time.

To sum up: Ever since his climax, during his childhood, until two years ago, Jerónimo´s musical career went unnoticed for the general audience. In fact, some people thought he had retired for several years. However, it was not true at all, as Jerónimo carried on playing and collaborating with other musicians all around the world. Nevertheless, bad publicity (or no publicity at all) caused the public not to know about his performances, albums or musical projects in general.

When we do listen to Jerónimo, the first thing we perceive is personality, an unique savagery which makes him stand out from the rest. It is particularly hard to imagine how complicated it can be for a musician to develop a true seal, a unique identity in their music, in order to attain this musical difference. Only a few privileged minds, such as Sabicas, Paco, or Vicente managed to get to that point, thus being recognisable just by listening to a single falsetta for the first time. Well, Jerónimo has the same virtue, as well.

When we talk about savagery, we mean that Jerónimo´s music has some virtuosity and genius concealed, although it explodes among the delicate harmonies his compositions created. This is something which makes you shake and catches you from the very beginning. In turn, it creates a mystical and transcendental experience, appropriately accompanied by melodies with echoes from other times and cultures, but which, in his hands, become extremely flamenco.

THE TRUTH always comes out, and we are convinced the world will wake up and see what this genius has come to tell us. His truth through his music. A music coming from the deepest corners of his thoughts and his heart. All these feelings come to us when we stop and listen to his music, delighting ourselves with that feeling, similarly to when looking somebody into their eyes, knowing what they are telling us is really true.

Jerónimo Maya is a genius who must be re-discovered, listened to. This is why we believe in him. Today we are announcing the release of his latest álbum, “Coto Cerrao”. We have been talking about this album lately, publishing some tunes. Well, this album will be 100% available for you today on some platforms, as well as in physical format on the section “ACCESSORIES” on our website, or CLICKING ON THE IMAGE ON THE ALBUM COVER