Jordi Franco: Trustee of FUNDACIÓN AURA

At Solera Flamenca we are celebrating! Jordi Franco, co-owner of Solera Flamenca, has been appointed trustee of Fundación de las Artes Flamencas Aura Seguros, an entity that works for the protection and projection of Andalusian culture. Another dream come true that allow us to continue promoting flamenco music culture with even more strength!

Our first contact with the foundation took place this year, when we were asked to take part in a concert as part of the programme of the “Flamenc-ON” festival that Aura Foundation organises in the city of Barcelona. This concert was intended to be an exhibition of guitars but ended up being a spectacular flamenco jamboree among friends with the participation of artists of stature including Jerónimo Maya, Pepe Fernández… among others. An event worth remembering. (SEE NEWS)

This foundation has a governing, administrative and representative body: the Board of Trustees, whose mission is to fulfil the institution’s purpose. The Board of Trustees consists of distinguished people who, throughout their lives, have contributed to the expansion and universalisation of flamenco as an art form.

Fundación de las Artes Flamencas Aura Seguros is a non-profit organisation that was created with the mission to preserve, spread and promote Andalusian culture through flamenco as a form of cultural expression, as well as a sign of identity of an entire people and as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO.

Aura Seguros Foundation believes that flamenco needs not only the support of public institutions, but also of private initiatives such as ours, which would promote it with the aim of carrying out diverse cultural, social and artistic tasks.

The foundation’s relationship with culture has its origins in the support it receives from Aura Seguros, an insurance company with an important presence in Andalusia and committed to the celebration of events linked to the flamenco world.

Aura Seguros Foundation’s commitment is to develop different didactic, artistic, cultural and show initiatives concerning flamenco in order to bring this art form closer to everyone who wishes to enjoy it. To make it accessible to everyone, it seeks to promote the careers of new talents and to provide the necessary tools to those future artists who currently do not have the necessary economic possibilities to train and develop.



For more information about the foundation and its activities, you can visit the official website by clicking on the image below.