José Carlos Gómez & Pepe Motos. “Calle San Francisco/Irenea” in Solera Flamenca

This week on Solera Flamenca we are presenting a really special production. Maestro José Carlos Gómez, along with Pepe Motos’s percussion, in a beautiful bulería which merges the tunes “Calle San Francisco”, from his latest album “Las huellas de Dios”, and “Irenea”, from “Origen”, the album before the former.

This production took place last 20 May 2023 during the masterclass and presentation of the album “Las Huellas de Dios”, in Solera Flamenca VILLAGE. The firm MISTO, owned by maestro Pepe Motos, was in charge of the organization of this event, with the collaboration of Solera Flamenca.

José Carlos Gómez was born in Algeciras (Cádiz) on 16 June 1972. Ever since he was really young, he showed a remarkable interest for the flamenco guitar, influenced by artists such as Paco de Lucía. He started taking lessons at the early age of 7, and when he was only 11, he already performed in concerts as a soloist. As a result, he started obtaining some national and international recognition.

During his career, it is worth remarking some of his collaborations. For example, with Potito and Tomatito, as well as his participation in the Spanish National Ballet. Later, he resumed his career as an accompaniment guitarist and composer, collaborating with several artists, and launching an album of his own as a singer.

José Carlos has been really well reviewed due to his talent, and has taken part in remarkable musical projects, such as the soundtrack of the film “Sin Vergüenza” , and some shows by Sara Baras. Also, he has founded his own record label, and carried on exploring musical production and composition.

In 2016, he launched his widely praised album, “ORIGEN”, presented in festivals all over the world. His avantgarde approach of the flamenco guitar was particularly praised. His latest project until recently, in 2018, was “PASAJE ANDALUZ”, a concert for guitar and orchestra which has received really positive reviews and has had a great appreciation by the audience.

His latest album, called “LAS HUELLAS DE DIOS”, is an album in which the artist intends to play some music to the different moments of maestro Paco de Lucia’ s life, offering us a beautiful and emotional course along Paco’ s life, with tunes like “Calle San Francisco”, “Calle Ilustración”, “El Greco”… etc.

José Carlos Gómez has left a significant impression on the flamenco guitar world, being renowned for his talent and contribution through his music.

Pepe Motos, singer/songwriter and percussionist, stands out as the main driving force of the use of the cajon drum in Catalonia, cantautor y percusionista, following Mayte Martín’ s initiative. Born in Madrid in 1970, but raised in Barcelona, he learned in flamenco tablaos between 1985-1991.

He has worked with prestigious artists, such as the abovementioned Mayte Martín, Sara Baras and Raimundo Amador. All along his career, he has carried out some collaborations out of flamenco, with musicians like Paquito de Rivera, Celia Cruz and Chavela Vargas.

As a singer-songwriter, he has released two albums:”Así lo siento yo” and “Kodigo flamenco”. In addition, he has worked in theatre, as well, as a composer and singer in the play “El Caballero de Olmedo”.
At present, Pepe Motos offers concerts, and he also produces for other artists. Besides, he teaches flamenco singing in the music workshop of Upper School of Musical Studies.

Without further ado, we are now leaving you with this beautiful composition, full of musicality, and with a “universal language”, as we like to call it. We are sure that it will captivate any lover of good music, in the broad sense, not only flamenco!