Jerónimo Maya and José “El Ciego” to the rhythm of FLAMENCO MANOUCHE!!

This week at Solera Flamenca, we bring you the guitar of Jerónimo Maya and José “El Ciego” with a fantastic and sublime improvisation to the rhythm of Flamenco Manouche!

Jazz Manouche, also called Gypsy Jazz or Gypsy Swing, is a musical style that originated in France in the 1930s, and the two artists who created the style were guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stéphane Grappelli.

In 1928, Django began listening to Jazz and Swing recordings from the United States, with Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Eddie Lang being some of the main influences on the new style that was emerging. During this period, Django had the brilliant idea of merging popular Gypsy music with the American Swing that was spreading worldwide, thus creating what would be called Gypsy Jazz. In 1934, Reinhardt and Grappelli founded the Quintet du Hot Club de France, the most famous ensemble of that time in Europe and a reference in Jazz Manouche.

José “El Ciego” (“the blind”), a bohemian artist, with a lot of duende, who will not leave anyone indifferent. There are many types of guitarists: some stand out for their prodigious technique, others for their musical knowledge and way of composing (with notes often bordering on mathematical sudoku rather than a piece of music) and others for their way of transmitting, for their DUENDE. We have absolutely no doubt, we’ll stick with the latter. José is an artist in the broadest sense of the word, as he sings, dances and plays. As an artist, he is usually hired for his singing of flamenco rumbas, which he composes himself.

Jerónimo Maya, a real guitar genius, and a direct descendant from the guitarist Ramón Montoya, started his musical career at the early age of 5. He was immediately recognized as a gifted child by the audience and the flamenco community, and whose worth was recognized by great masters, such as Sabicas or Paco de Lucia. His playing is full of personality and character, as well as virtuosity. His complex harmonies and his conception of music are definitely forward-thinking.

Without further ado, we present you with this magnificent Jazz Manouche improvisation featuring two guitars, José El Ciego and Jerónimo Maya, accompanied by the percussion of José Cordoba “Moskito.”