Flamenco guitar José Ramírez 1970 nº 4094 M.M.

This flamenco guitar was built by the popular José Ramirez signature in 1970, one of the most prolific periods of the firm, which flocked to his shop guitarists worldwide both classical and flamenco, Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar, Narciso Yepes, Serranito… among many others.

The wood used for the top is canadian cedar, and spanish Cypress for back and sides. The top has a very accentuated grain, completely straight and uniform. The back and sides are made of cypress wood, with an outstanding quality and beauty. The label of this guitar has its border in gold, corresponding to the guitars built by training officers about to get their master’s approval, José Ramírez, to be qualified as 1st Officer. The materials used were perfectly cured, but not correspond to selected first by a knot or stain. The initials M.M. denote it has been made by master luthier Miguel Malo.

The sound coming out of this guitar is just spectacular. It combines volume and quality excellently. The bass stops are powerful and deep, and the trebles, crystal clear and with great scope. A sound with its own personality, capable of captivating us since the very first chord.

The tension of this flamenco guitar is medium, so it can be played very easily, and safely. Additionally, the height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard is low, thereby ensuring an extraordinary level of comfort.

The condition of this flamenco guitar is excellent. Only has three small fisures, one in the back and two in the sides (upper and lower), all of which are perfectly repaired and documented in the pictures attached.

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Canadian cedar

Back and sides


Scale length

655 mm




Traditional wooden pegs

String height 12th fret

3.2 mm

Saddle height

8.1 mm

Nut width

55 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

44 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

57 mm


1220 gr


Very good – original

Included case


Optional case (plus 250€)


Optional case ( plus 650 € )

BAM Panther 8002XLB Hightech

Video recorded with strings

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