Flamenco guitar José Ramírez 1968 I.M. nº2916

This flamenco guitar was built by the popular José Ramirez signature in 1968, one of the most prolific periods of the firm, which flocked to his shop guitarists worldwide both classical and flamenco, Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar, Narciso Yepes, Serranito… among many others.

The wood used for the top is canadian cedar, and spanish Cypress for back and sides. The top has a very accentuated grain, completely straight and uniform. The back and sides are made of cypress wood, with an outstanding quality and beauty. The initials I.M. denote it has been made by master luthier Ignacio Manzano.

This flamenco guitar has the distinction of being a first class concert guitar with an integrated B Band amplification system, something that, although we have seen before, is not usual. In these cases we usually remove all the elements and cover the input holes, leaving the instrument as it was originally. On this occasion, after testing with and without the amplification system, we have decided to make an exception and keep it due to the magnificent result it offers in both the cases. This guitar offers an open sound and has that characteristic ‘bouquet’ of this firm’s guitars from this particular period and that, with good reason, has always aroused a great interest in guitarists and collectors all over the world.

This guitar has got medium tension, and a reduced height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard, providing the guitarist with a high degree of comfort for both hands, as well as an easy performance.

The condition of this flamenco guitar is excellent, without any cracks or repairs of any kind.

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Canadian cedar

Back and sides


Scale length

655 mm




Traditional wooden pegs

String height 12th fret

2.6 mm

Saddle height

7.5 mm

Nut width

54 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

45 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

57 mm


1330 gr


Excellent – original

Included case


Optional case (plus 250€)


Optional case ( plus 650 € )

BAM Panther 8002XLB Hightech



Video recorded with strings

Solera Flamenca «Alma» by Vicente Amigo (Nylon)