Josep Henriquez: The Discovery

The story behind our relationship with Josep Henríquez is worth explaining. We met this craftsman as a coincidence, on his web. We regarded his style as really interesting, so we got in touch with him so as to arrange a visit and meet ““.

We had the chance to try one of his guitars in his workshop. We could not help but notice the incredible sound quality and volume, as well as the originality of its finishes, and the making details, so different from the traditional ones, yet keeping the essence of that tradition.

Despite the fact that we were trying a classical guitar, we quickly noticed the wide range of possibilities if we applied the typical arrangements of a flamenco guitar, as regards height and comfort. The result could not have been possibly better: both guitars received from Josep Henríquez clearly beat our already high expectations. Two top-notch instruments, with this craftsman´s hallmark, which is available for all of you on our website, in our “new guitars” section.

It is worth mentioning that Josep Henríquez, besides a master craftsman, has been a guitarist and pedagogue. As a guitarist, he has offered guitar concerts and masterclasses for more than 45 years all over the world. Currently, he continues his activity as a soloist concert performer, and in a duo with his son Patrick (electric guitar), a unique and attractive combination in the guitar world. He has recorded 5 albums so far: two of them as a member of Quartet Tarragó, other two recitals, and the remaining one as a member of the Duo Eurasia, with his student Hang Nguyen.

Born in Barcelona in 1951, Josep Henríquez is such a versatile artist: a guitarist, composer, arranger, conference speaker, author, designer, and guitar maker. As a guitarist, he has offered guitar concerts and masterclasses for more than 45 years all over the world.
As a luthier, Henríquez started in the guitar-making business in 1993 under Antonio Picardo´s teachings, an excellent maker, and admired friend. Josep Henríquez´s workshop is located in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, Barcelona. He carries on working on both classical and flamenco guitars by advance order. For the recording of his álbum, the Brazilian performer Yamandú Costa used “LIDA”, a seven-string guitar, specially made for him by Josep Henríquez.

As a pedagogue, in 1981, Henríquez was appointed a guitar professor in the Music and Arts Institute of San Francisco, California. From 1982 to 2013 he worked as a professor in the Guitar department of Granollers Conservatory, in Barcelona. In 1992, invited by the Spanish government, he founded the Andres Segovia Guitar Classroom, in the Central Conservatory of Beijing (China).
Thanks to his vast knowledge and expertise, he often teaches, both through conferences and masterclasses, in universities, conservatories, and guitar festivals all over the world. Josep Henríquez is currently a guitar professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA), through Detao Masters Academy.