“La Invencible” proyect: The first guitar arrive at Solera Flamenca

We present all of you our most exciting project, a dream come true: The exact replica of our guitar “La Invencible”. For this project, we have counted on the collaboration of some of the very best guitar makers in the world: Simon Ambridge, Felipe Conde, John Ray and Gabriele Lodi.

Each maker has performed a down-to-detail study of the guitar with the utmost accuracy so as to be able to reproduce the smallest detail of this fine instrument: Wood thicknesses, dimensions, fan bracing, wood grain, pulsation… everything has been taken cared of. As a result, the customer will be able to feel how accurate the replica really is, being able to truly enjoy and feel they are holding the one and only “La Invencible” guitar in their hands.

This project shall be comprised of three parts, which will be made by each of the luthiers above mentioned. Altogether, there will be 9 excusive and exact replicas, which will be released along 2018 and 2019.

In order to inaugurate this project, we are now releasing the very first replica for our customers, made by the luthier Simon Ambridge. It is worth mentioning the fact that this guitar is available on both our website and La Invencible´s. CLICK HERE.

Simon Ambridge was born in 1951, in London. He came from a family with a long tradition of cabinetmaking, dating back to the 18th century. Despite the fact of being a keen wood worker since he was really young, he decided to study graphic design before starting a successful furniture manufacturing business in London.

In 1978 he made his first acoustic guitar, based on a Martin 0045 model. Later, he made a Spanish guitar based on Torres´ model with Kevin Aram´s help. At this point of his life, his path was set. He was passionate about guitars.

However, it wasn´t until ten years later when he became completely devoted to guitar making. Becoming a guitar maker took place when he moved to Devon, in South West of Englad, thanks to a subsidy from the British Craftswork Board. He was particularly honoured to receive this grant, as the jury included Jose Romanillos, David Rubio y Paul Fischer.

In 1991 he was awarded some prizes from David Canter Memorial Fund and Southwest Arts. In 1995 he moved to a study in Dartington Estate, South Devon, home to Dartington´s renowned international summer school.

Eventually, he enjoyed an increasingly good international reputation, with customers all around the world.

We leave you with a video of the guitar played by the guitarist Pau Figueres…ENJOY IT!