«LA LUZ DE AURORA»: The fourth official transcription of the album “Pureza y Solera” by Jerónimo Maya is now available

We are presenting you the transcription of «LA LUZ DE AURORA», a beautiful fandango from Huelva which the artist wanted to dedicate to his mother, Aurora Maya. In this composition, where complexity is disguised as simplicity, we find quite a straightforward melody, capable of entering our very consciousness and making us spend all day humming this song.

A fandango full of nuances, with a wide harmonic variety, recovering the lost essence, and masterfully combining falsettas with the typical rhythm of this genre. As a result, it takes all of us to the very core of this beautiful Andalusian city, hometown of fandango

This transcription is the fourth one of this new project which we are starting together, along with Miguel Garcia Sempere, creator of the website and YouTube channel “FALSETASPOR”, which plans to transcribe every single tune in Jerónimo Maya´s album «PUREZA Y SOLERA».An album which will be released at the end of this year, 2022. Some songs are being uploaded in audiovisual format onto the YouTube platform.

Without further ado, here you are: the link to access the platform: