Luciano Ghosn: The most flamenco Italy

This week we are bringing you Luciano Ghosn´s flamenco guitar: A double production with this incredibly young guitarist, with dazzling technique and expressivity, who has become one of the most promising artists in flamenco world nowadays, which is more than well-deserved.

For this recording, Luciano Ghosn has been accompanied by the clapping and cheering (palmas y jaleos) of Diego Amaya (Chicuelo´s son) and Juan Mateo, a true master of rhythm who has accompanied artists such as Chicuelo or Juan Ramón Caro, among many others.

Born in Lebanon in 1994, he started playing the guitar since he was really young, with his father, also a guitarist, although not a flamenco one. After he heard maestro Paco de Lucia, he decided to devote himself to the flamenco guitar.

Aged 21, he started working as a professinal performer, accompanying great leading figures, such as Antonio Rey, Rafael de Utrera, Paco Vega, Juanma Zurano Palacios, Los Makarines, or Mara Rey, among others.

Currently, he performs as a soloist, but also accompanying in concert halls and flamenco tablaos in Spain and Japan, apart from being a collaborator in “Escuela de Artes Escénicas Rebollar”, in Sevilla.

This year 2019 he has been awarded with the 1st Prize in Niño Miguel Contest, in Huelva.

In today´s double production, we will be offering some masterpieces: a wonderful soleá and a farruca, accompanied by Juan Mateo and Diego Amaya´s clapping and cheering. Two beautiful compositions, created with two guitars made in 2019 by Felipe Conde Crespo and Francisco Sánchez, respectively. Two superb guitars, with powerful and flamenco sound, just like our talented protagonist.