Flamenco guitar Manuel Reyes 2005

This flamenco guitar was made by the master luthier Manuel Reyes in 2005. His guitars are regarded as pieces of work, and him, as one of the greatest luthiers ever. In fact, his guitars have been (and are) played by some of the best performers ever: Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Jose Luis Postigo, Manolo Franco, and so many others.

This flamenco guitar is built with superior quality woods, impossible to obtain nowadays. The top are made of german spruce has a totally straight and even grain, which is quite accentuated. The back and sides are made of cypress wood, whose beauty and quality are simply magnificent.

This flamenco guitar has a truly exceptional history, definitely worth telling. Its former owner acquired a guitar made by Manuel Reyes, in 1971 (also available on our website) from the renowned guitarist Pepe Martínez. The sound quality and general characteristics of this great instrument led him to place another order to Manuel Reyes, taking him ten years to be delivered the guitar itself, due to the long waiting list of commissions the maker had back then. During these ten years, the owner became a classical guitarist. When Manuel Reyes did deliver the guitar, the guitar was kept inside its case anyway, and he continued enjoying his old instrument, until the present day. It is a guitar without a single mark, not even a nail one. It is still inside its case, perfectly preserved, ever since it came out of the maker´s workshop. A true gem, in exceptional condition, with magical sound, coming from a time when his instruments reached their top potential, as regards volume and power, also keeping their very particular timbre, with strumming and bass strings standing out, making so many of us fall in love with this hollow and brilliant sound.

The tension is medium, very comfortable for both hands, due to the reduced height of strings in the fingerboard. The height on the fret 12 is 2.3 millimeters, which allows our left hand to do its job very easily and fluently.


Additional Information



German spruce

Back and sides


Scale length

655 mm


French polish



String height 12th fret

2.3 mm

Saddle height

8.0 mm

Nut width

54 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

45 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

58 mm


1400 gr


Excellent – original

Included case


Optional case (plus 150€)


Optional case (plus 500 €)

BAM Panther 8002XLB Hightech



Video recorded with strings

Solera Flamenca "Alma" by Vicente Amigo (Nylon)