“MARA”, the sixth track of Jerónimo Maya´s latest album with Solera Flamenca RECORDS

This week we present to you “MARA”, the sixth track of Jerónimo Maya´s latest album “PUREZA Y SOLERA”, with Solera Flamenca RECORDS.

Mara, a beautiful composition of seguiriyas which Jerónimo wanted to dedicate to his partner and wife. The mother of his children.

I still remember when he said to us:
– I am composing a seguiriya for this album..
I answered :
-Maestro, it´s going to be really hard to beat “El Planeta” (a seguiriya composed several years ago, regarded as a true masterpiece in every sense).

I still get goosebumps when I remember the day Jerónimo arrived at Solera to record the song. Jordi, Piet and me (Carlos) were chilling out, relaxed. Jerónimo was warming up and revising the tunes. Then, I said to him:
– Maestro, play the seguiriya…
And light was shed all over the place…

It is really hard to faithfully express with mere words all the magic created in that room. However, I can assure you that, despite the fact that living it is completely different from just hearing it on a headset, the message and the depth of this work is universal, capable of triggering emotions to any human being who pays some attention, and especially, anyone who wants to hear.

Mara is a masterpiece which flows between tradition and avantgarde, with very well defined falsettas, and with a perfect final tremolo to round it off, which makes you cry. Literally.

As on previous occasions, this song is accompanied by Juan Mateo for the knucle-tapping, a real genius of the rhythm, who managed to cover this masterpiece with the “complex simplicity” coat which only a maestro like him could provide.

As we have been announcing for the last few weeks, we have started a brand new project: Solera Flamenca RECORDS (READ NEWS). A project for which we would very much like to have a big premiere, with the production of an album by Jerónimo Maya.

This new album means turning back to the purest essence, back to basics, where we will enjoy the guitar of this genius, with the only percussion of knuckles. An album where the maestro´s musical truth and greatness is exposed, bare, without any accessories or musical arrangements whatsoever.

Each of the nine tunes composing this new album will be recorded in audiovisual format, and will be uploaded onto our web and YouTube channel every two weeks.

Once all the tunes are presented, the physical album (“CD”) will be released in audiovisual format, and these tunes will be presented in Barcelona, on December 2022, within the frame of the “De Cajón” Festival, organized by the firm “THE PROJECT”, a show which will count on the participation of great artists, such as Juan Mateo (percussion and knuckle-tapping), Pepe de Pura (singing and clapping), and the special collaboration of a guest artist: Karime Amaya (dancing).

“PUREZA Y SOLERA” is an unprecedented fresh musical proposal in which we find a highly influential Jerónimo, musically speaking. He is, at the same time, amusing and fun, but also harmonically complex and technically superb, as expected from him.

There is no doubt Jerónimo has reached something else by composing “PUREZA Y SOLERA”: musical maturity, that degree of knowledge, expression and communicative skill which all allow him to directly connect with the heart and soul of his audience.