María del Tango & Jerónimo Maya: «Primavera de mis 20 años»

This week we are bringing you a really special new production: one of the tunes which will be part of the next album produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS, thus being the second volume of the collection «JUERGA FLAMENCA» . We started it some weeks ago, by means of the release of Comando Reus con la guitarra de Jerónimo Maya by which we intend to encourage and make young promises visible. In this next album, Juerga Flamenca 2, the singer María Del Tango and the flamenco guitar of Jerónimo Maya, along with the percussionist Moskito and the clappers Lua and Diego Amaya, will all make us enjoy this party from the very beginning. An album recorded live, in our stage, with audience and this magic and thrill only found in a real live performance.

This first tune is a beautiful version of «Primavera de Mis 20 Años», a really timeless musical gem. Jerónimo’s guitar, as expected from a renowned flamenco star, brilliantly blends with Maria’ s sublime voice, thus creating a musical bond beyond any emotional limits.

This first production, which will be part of the album, promises to be just a little sample of how exceptional the whole album can be. María Del Tango and Jerónimo Maya have managed to capture the true flamenco essence. However, they have also succeeded in exploring new sounds and emotions in every word, in every chord. The result is a mix of talent, passion, creativity… it will definitely go down in flamenco history.

There is no doubt this collaboration between Maria and Jero will be juicy. Music lovers, and flamenco lovers in particular, will enjoy by diving into this unique sound experience. Every chord, every verse, every note… it will be an unforgettable experience. We are sure this album will become a benchmark for contemporary flamenco music, leaving an indelible mark on those who want to listen to it.

María del Tango, ever since we first heard her, captivated us, and we instantly knew we wanted to count on her talent and great voice for our library of productions. Such a special voice, with a wide variety of registers, and this special charm which “does not let go of you”, giving you goosebumps and touches your soul. It is often said that “good things come in small packages”. Well, with María, this old wise proverb comes true, indeed.

María Del Tango, endowed with a unique personality and deep feeling, is capable of moving the audience in any flamenco style. Her voice overflows with passion and expressiveness, conveying each note with a palpable intensity. Her knowledge of rhythm is truly extraordinary, which makes the musicians who have the privilege of working with her enjoy an unparalleled experience.

Born on 9 August 1992 in Caniles (Granada), in Baza mountains, she has been singing ever since she can remember. She started singing saetas when she was 9 years old in her hometown, and became a professional in 2018, when she moved to the Albaicín, in Granada. It was there that she started to compose music for the street and the tablaos, even performing in some prestigious tablaos, such as Casa Patas.

All along her career, María has collaborated with several different kinds of artists. For instance, Juanito Makande, Jerónimo Maya, Jorge Pardo, or Josemi Carmona, among so many others.

She is currently immersed in a musical project called “Mundo Divino”, where she composes and produces her own music, along with Carlos Tato. María regards herself as a music lover, in general, but especially flamenco, copla and poetry. She sees Morente and Camarón as her musical foundations, even though she has also been listening to the singing of Tomás Pavón and la Niña de los Peines since she was a little girl.

We are convinced that María will keep shining as the star she really is, so we can not imagine for her but a bright future in professional music.

We will now be leaving you with this gorgeous version of Maria’ s Primavera de Mis 20 Años, with Jero’ s guitar, Moskito‘s percussion and the clapping and commotion (palmas y jaleos) of Diego Amaya and Lua. We wish that you enjoy it as much as we do!!