María del Tango & Jerónimo Maya: the FIFTH single of «Juerga Flamenca 2» Y NO ES CALLAR…

This week we are bringing you a really special new production: one of the tunes which will be part of the next album produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS, thus being the second volume of the collection «JUERGA FLAMENCA» . We started it some weeks ago, by means of the release of Comando Reus con la guitarra de Jerónimo Maya by which we intend to encourage and make young promises visible. In this next album, Juerga Flamenca 2, the singer María Del Tango and the flamenco guitar of Jerónimo Maya, along with the percussionist Moskito and the clappers Lua and Diego Amaya, will all make us enjoy this party from the very beginning. An album recorded live, in our stage, with audience and this magic and thrill only found in a real live performance.

Without further ado, we leave you with this beautiful and emotional song composed by maestro Jerónimo Maya for María del Tango, his soul sister.