Miguel Rodríguez guitars

Miguel Rodríguez Beneyto was born in Córdoba in 1888.

He showed interest while still very young, learning to play both the guitar and the mandolin, which would lead him to have a great curiosity about the art of making those instruments.

He started his first workshop in 1906, but it would be moved to San Fernando Street shortly after the previous one was established. Finally, in 1939, married and with two children, he would settle in Alfaros Street, in Córdoba, where he would buy most of his guitars until his death in 1975.

He taught his sons, Rafael (1921-1965) and Miguel (1921-1998), in this art, and also his grandson, José Rodríguez Álamo (1950-1996).

This dynasty of guitar makers has been recognized to have made nearly 2000 guitars of magnificent sound quality and prestige all over the world.