New historical gem in Solera: Gerundino Fernandez 1987

At Solera Flamenca, we once again offer our customers a historic guitar built by the master luthier Gerundino Fernández in the year 1987 and belonging to the guitarist Juan Campos.

With this guitar, the master Moraito Chico recorded the album “Agujeta,” accompanying the voices of Diego and Luis Agujetas (except for the soleá por bulerías), an album recorded and produced by Juan Campos. (SEE GUITAR)

To acquire the guitar, we traveled to Seville and had the pleasure of sharing very special moments with this family, who are so knowledgeable and passionate about flamenco art. During this gathering, we had the pleasure of not only talking for hours about the world of flamenco but also of being able to listen to Juanito Campos, the son of Juan, who surprised us greatly with his unique flavor and artistry expressed through the guitar.

We are eternally grateful for their hospitality and are eagerly looking forward to bringing Juanito Campos to Solera Flamenca to record his playing and immortalize it in our gallery of artists and major productions, something that will happen soon… stay tuned!