Paco e Ignacio de Amparo por bulerías in… Juerga con Solera!!

Now you can enjoy this new installment of videos recorded in the show “Juerga con Solera”. On this occasion the guitar of Paco and Ignacio de Amparo por bulerías with that very personal and flamenco style that runs through their blood, Morón’s playing at its best!

As you may already know, “Juerga con Solera” was a show that took place last Friday 11th March 2022 at the “LA CENTRAL ESCÉNICA”, organised by the FLAMENC-ON festival in which we have collaborated as main sponsors and which has been possible thanks to the AURA FOUNDATION, absolute sponsor of the whole festival. The show was a complete success: it was fully booked with a dedicated audience who were able to enjoy a true flamenco jamboree in all its essence, and with an artistic cast of the highest level: the guitars of Jerónimo Maya, Paco and Ignacio de Amparo and Pepe Fernández, the singing of Kiki Cortiñas, El Galli and Los Mellis, the dancing of Karime Amaya and the percussion of Jacobo Sánchez.

Below we show you one of the performances that took place there: Paco and Ignacio de Amparo, two brothers united by the same passion: the flamenco guitar, two brothers who have known how to take the Morón guitar to all corners of the world and who are the true heirs of Diego del Gastor’s guitar art, as they have known how to assimilate and make their own the essence and purity of the legendary artist’s toque.

We don’t want to conclude this news without dedicating a few lines to express our gratitude to the AURA FOUNDATION, the FLAMENC-ON Festival and the Santa Coloma de Gramanet CITY COUNCIL for making shows like this possible and for doing everything they can to promote flamenco and its culture. This is an objective we share that has united us and for which we will continue to ‘row’ together in the same direction.