Pepe Fernández

Pepe Fernandez is a guitarist born in France, in a gypsy family from Granada. The rhythmic sense and the creative capacity of this young guitarist are truly astonishing. At the age of eight he begins to play the guitar under the teaching of his father, becoming clear since the very first moment the innate qualities of the boy with the instrument, taking him to share stage with renowned artists of the actual flamenco scene, such as José Maya, David de Jacoba, Rubio de Pruna… at an early age.

Pepe Fernández, Piraña & Agujetas Chico: “SIN FRONTERAS”

Pepe Fernández & Piraña: “AHIJADA LAURÉ”

Pepe Fernández, Tobalo & José de Mode: “VERÓNICA”

Pepe Fernández, Antonio Fernández & José Tobalo: “QUERIDO DEDE”