After the release of Solera Flamenca Strings, now we are releasing the “PROFESSIONAL PACK”: A pack made up of two whole sets of strings, and two additional sets of bass strings.

This pack is specially designed for the demands and needs of professional guitarists, whose strings are expected to wear after all the time devoted to the instrument. This wear will be even more noticeable in the bass strings. Thanks to this pack, we will be able to replace the bass strings with no need to change the whole set, neither replace only a part of a it.

The PROFESSIONAL PACK will be available in stores of the whole Iberian Peninsula, and, from the section “STRINGS” on our web, for both models: “CONCERT” and “ACCOMPANIMENT”. Below on this web you will find a list, which will be updated, with all the stores where you can purchase the PROFESSIONAL PACK and the INDIVIDUAL SET of Solera Flamenca Strings.

Without further ado, and to solve any possible doubt, WE WILL EXPLAIN IT ALL IN THE UPCOMING VIDEO!!