“Rycardo Moreno”: The new guitar model made by Alberto Hernández

The guitar maker Alberto Hernández and Solera Flamenca are launching a new flamenco guitar model: “Rycardo Moreno”, a guitar which will make an enormous difference in the world of amplified flamenco guitars. SEE THE GUITAR

With this new flamenco guitar model, we intend to provide the market with a multipurpose instrument, with excellent quality as regards both materials and finishes, and with an amplification system capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding guitarist. In order to do so, Carlos Juan´s amplification system has been selected. This amplification sensor is the only one specifically designed for flamenco guitars in the whole world, as it was specifically made for Maestro Vicente Amigo.

Rycardo always recommends using an external microphone in order to preserve the natural sound of the guitar and its wood. Bearing this in mind, Carlos Juan´s system will provide us with that necessary extra power, but keeping the sound quality as well.

This flamenco guitar has been made taking the “Tribute to Marcelo Barbero” model as a starting point. Some modifications and guidelines have been introduced, as well, under the supervision of Maestro Rycardo Moreno,
one of the very best guitarist in the flamenco outlook at present. Rycardo has actively taken part in both the design process and the details and final adjustments of the guitar. These factors have been crucial for scheduling the formal launch date, making sure the product in question is of the highest quality as it can be.

For its making, both mechanical and manual processes have been employed, in order to reduce the production time, and thus the final price of the instrument itself.

Rycardo Moreno Montiel, a flamenco and jazz guitarist, was born in a gipsy family in 1981. He started in music at the age of 11, accompanying his grandmother, “Pepa la Cartuja”, by singing. He developed his career as a creator, musical producer, composer, arranger and guitarist in the tours of many artists, such as Dorantes, Lebrijano, Tomas de Perrate, Raimundo Amador, Yelsy Heredia, Esperanza Fernández, Javier Ruibal, or Lole Montoya, among many others.