Paco Cepero´s Santos Hernández 1935

This flamenco guitar was built by the legendary master luthier Santos Hernández in 1935. He was Manuel Ramírez´s best disciple, working for him for 23 years. In 1918 he opened his own workshop in 23 Aduana Street. Santos Hernández built around 300 guitars since 1916 until his very death. These guitars were used by many of the greatest guitarists of that time: Ramón Montoya, Andrés Segovia, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo, Regino Sainz de la Maza, etc.

This guitar has belonged to the guitarist Paco Cepero, one of the most representative figures of flamenco guitar of all time.

The different kinds of wood used in its construction have an excellent quality. German spruce can be seen in the top, with a very marked, straight and even grain. On the other hand, Spanish Royal Cypress is the kind of wood employed for the back and sides.

This guitar’s sound is truly wonderful; you just have to listen to a single chord to realize you are in front of an instrument with a quality far beyond the rest, a really special sound joining together power and character along with sweetness and finesse.

The action of this flamenco guitar is medium, and the height of the strings in the fingerboard and saddle is perfect and balanced, assuring great comfort on both hands and easing up the guitarist performance.

The condition of conservation is very good, it keeps the originality on all its parts including the headstock, nut, and shellac… It has some fissures on the sound top, and one on the body side, all perfectly repaired and documented on the attached images. We must highlight the construction firmness this instrument shows, which make it appropriate to play it and use it in any situation, getting away from the rumors that say vintage guitars are fragile and delicate.

Along with the guitar, a certificate of authenticity will be delivered, signed by Paco Cepero himself.

  • Year: 1935
  • Top: German spruce
  • Back and sides: Cypress
  • Scale length: 655mm
  • Finish: French polish
  • Tuners: Mechanical tuners
  • String height at the 12th fret: 2,9mm
  • Saddle height: 7,0mm
  • Nut width: 51mm
  • Distance between 1st and
    6th string at the nut: 43mm
  • Distance between 1st and
    6th string at the saddle: 58mm
  • Case: “Prado” brown or black
  • Condition: Very good – original
  • Availability: SOLD


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