The seventh part of Manuel de Falla´s unpublished letters to Miguel Llobet. They have been transcribed, once more, by Santiago Míguez de la Rosa. (IN THE LOWER SIDE OF THIS ARTICLE, WE WILL LEAVE YOU THE LINK TO THE PREVIOUS LETTERS PUBLISHED ON OUR WEB)

Address: Mr. Miguel Llobet 4 bis Regomir St, Barcelona

Granada, 5 Janury [1]925

Dearest Miguel:

Since I received your kind postcard from Francfort I meant to write to you, but I was not able to. You can simply not imagine how busy I have been – for a few months – owing to the organization of the tournée “Bética Retablo”. Lately, I had to spend a bit longer in Seville, and I will return there shortly, as soon as the portable puppet theatre is built. You will hear from all of this through our dearest friend, Mr Juan Gisbert, who the orchestra and me are eternally grateful to. You must know, as well, that I will be conducting two retablos in February and some other works of mine in the “Chamber Music Association” Will we meet in Barcelona? I would be most satisfied if it was so! I do not forget some lines from you (more than a year ago), telling me about the projects of the “Association”, now about to come true, which honor me and I am most grateful for.

I am looking forward for you to hear the “Betica Chamber Orchestra”.

I long to let you know my endless joy because of your huge success in Vienna etc. etc., although, of course, it was not surprising to me at all, as your talent is simply admirable.

I am really happy about what you told me about the soirée at Schönberg´s house. We will talk about all of this in Barcelona…

It must be really odd to hear “El Tricornio” so far away!

I am so happy to hear from you, through a letter written by yourself!

Along with M.ª del Carmen, I send you and your wife our very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Warm regards from your most devoted friend,

Manuel de Falla

Addresser: M. de Falla. Antequeruela Alta, Granada

The success of El Retablo consolidated the Betica Chamber Orchestra. Falla named Ernesto Halffter its conductor, and presented it at the San Fernando Theatre, in Seville, on 10 December 1924. In this year, Miguel Llobet would travel to Germany again, where he met Arnold Schönberg, who would let him know some of his latest works, one of which (Serenade op. 24), has the guitar as a concert instrument.

Falla is waiting for the construction of the portable puppet theatre, created by the puppeteer Hermenegildo Lanz, and remembers Juan Gisbert Padró, a Catalan businessman and friend, with most gratitude, as both the orchestra in general and Falla in particular owe him so much.


Santiago Míguez de la Rosa, 25 November 2020

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