Sergio Valverde Castillo: We have a new guitar!

En Solera Flamenca estamos orgullosos de anunciar la incorporación de un nuevo artesano en nuestra selección de guitarreros: Sergio Valverde Castillo.


Over a year ago we visited his workshop in Mecina Bombarón, a small village in La Alpujarra (Granada), moved by the amount of positive comments that we got about this craftsman and by his well-deserved first prize in the “Antonio Martín Montero” guitar makers’ competition held in Granada in 2017.

«What makes my guitars interesting is the special communication with the wood that I can feel through my hands, my sense of smell, my eyes and my love for music.», Sergio Valverde

Sergio welcomed us kindly and told us that he didn’t have any flamenco guitars in the workshop for us to see and try at the time. He could only let us try a classic guitar that had just been finished. We tried it out and were amazed at its magical sound and the comfort it offered. Despite being a guitar purpose-built for classical sounds, it had everything we expected from a guitar; as we have explained on numerous occasions, the difference between a classical and a flamenco guitar isn´t much more than a simple height adjustment of the strings, on the contrary to what might have been said otherwise.

The quality of its construction and the magic of its sound prompted us to place our first order. It has been over a year since that moment, and we have been looking forward to the moment when we receive and try our first Sergio Valverde guitar.

At Solera Flamenca we are, once again, committed on quality, and we are convinced that Sergio Valverde will become one of the “great guitar makers” in the very near future. In order to inaugurate this high-class addition, we offer you this cypress flamenco guitar, which is available from today in our “NEW GUITARS” section or by clicking on the image below.

It is worth mentioning that Sergio won the First Prize in the ‘Antonio Marín Montero’ guitar makers’ competition held in Granada (Spain) in 2017, thus consolidating his position as one of the best guitar makers of our country (Spain) with a promising future.

Sergio Valverde Castillo has great experience working with wood: he learnt cabinetmaking and carpentry at the school workshop in Adra (Almeria) in 1998. Since then, he has always been working with wood and doing all kinds of carpentry, furniture, inlay and artistic works. His passion for music and musical instruments made him change his professional path and dedicate his skill with wood and his knowledge to build guitars and other stringed instruments such as the lute and the bandurria. He owes his knowledge as a guitar maker to the masters Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena and, subsequently, to the master Jesús Bellido and his family, who taught him everything he knows about lutes and bandurrias and let him use their original templates and moulds. In 2002, he opened his own workshop in Mecina Bombarón, a small village in La Alpujarra (Granada).