Shooting at Antonio De Torre’s house

Carles Trepat and Solera Flamenca in the filming of the last scene of the documentary about the life and work of D. Antonio de Torres.

The release date is coming closer and closer. A documentary about Antonio de Torres’s life, a tribute to his life and work, will be released at the end of this year, 2017. A project made from the deepest admiration and respect for this unique genius of the Spanish guitar history. The film makers, Fran and Raul, direct descendants of Antonio de Torres, have performed a detailed research work to show the audience a portrait, a biography of this unprecedented guitar maker.


(Los realizadores (Fran López y Raúl Navarro) con Carles Trepat en Solera Flamenca antes de la entrevista para el documental)

As you know, since we announced it at the end of 2015, we own a guitar made by Antonio de Torres: our spoilt child, the crown’s jewel. “The Invincible”, as the guitar maker named it himself.

Last weekend we attended and took part of the shooting of one of the scenes which will be part of the ending of this beautiful and highly expected documentary. A shooting where Maestro Carles Trepat interpreted a composition of his own at Antonio de Torres’s house (Almería). A breathtakingly beautiful fragment, specifically composed by him for the ending of this project in particular. This superb composition is soaked in the magic and mistery of this place, where the talent of Antonio de Torres would change guitar history for ever.

From Solera Flamenca we are delighted to announce this release, hoping this event is given the importance it really deserves at a cultural level, which might, in turn, get people closer to the figure of Torres. For whom may not be familiar with him yet, we must say this is one of the most representative and important personalities in our country’s history. He is the father of the modern guitar, which would not exist today. Not the way we know it… COULD ANYONE EVEN QUESTION HIS RELEVANCE?

Finally, we leave you with an excerpt from the program “Open until dawn” where they interviewed Carles Trepat during the filming with “La Invincible”.