This week on Solera Flamenca we will present you a very special artist: SÓCRATES MASTRODIMOS, with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating for the recording of the videos of our latest guitars.

Born in Athens (Greece) in 1982, Sócrates Mastrodimos belongs to the new generation of contemporary flamenco artists. A composer, teacher and artist, he offers concerts both playing and as a soloist. He took his first steps in the flamenco guitar with his father, his first teacher when he was just four years old. In 1992 he started studying with Eva Fampas at the Greek National Conservatory, where he got four qualifications. In 2006 he travels in Seville, where he would settle, leaving his homeland behind for good.

In July 2011 he takes part in the “Guitar International Festival” in Cordoba, where he would meet the great maestro of flamenco guitar: Manolo Sanlucar, who invites him to his house and teaches him the deepest secrets of flamenco guitar. From then on, he is one of maestro Sanlucar´s disciples.

Sócrates´s music is really plastic, due to both his training in classical music and his experience in flamenco and other musics of the world. His adaptation process in Andalusia was easy and natural, and his work did not take long to become famous. He has collaborated with artists such as Lole Montoya, Carlos Heredia, Farruquito, Antonio Canales, Torombo, Manuela Rios, Sergio Fernandez, Antonio Serrano, Rafael de Utrera, Juan Villar hijo, Roman Vicenti, and some others.

Sócrates has shown his playing around plenty of stages all around the world, such as Maestranza Theatre, Lope de Vega Theatre, Teatro Quintero (the three of them in Seville), Mezquita Cathedral in Córdoba, Bilborock and other important concert halls both in Spain and in France (Flamenco Art Festival – Mont de Marsan), Germany, England, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, China, Morocco and Greece.

Some of the most important moments in his career are:

2008: Performs “Aranjuez concert” with Synfony Municipality Orchesta Athens Greece

2010: Starts as a flamenco guitar soloist with his first show ”SEIS CUERDAS, UN CORAZÓN” (SIX STRINGS, ONE HEART) at Celarg Theatre – Caracas, Venezuela

2012: Performs as a soloist in “Tribute to Manolo Sanlucar” in Maestranza Theatre – Seville, (sharing stage with Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Farruquito, Arcangel, Manolo Franco, Niño de Pura, Argentina etc.)

2014: Concerts in Panama (1st Flamenco festival of Panama /directed by Anita Loynas) and Guatemala, along with plenty of artists, among whom the dancer Farruquito stands out” – Sócrates working as a musical director.

2015: “un tul today” Flamenco session director in Internacional guitar festival in Volos (invitation from Costas Cotsiolis)

2015: Aranjuez concert, directed by Lorenzo Ramos (Cordoba Mezquita Cathedral, Andalusia)

2015: China tour – presentation of guitar concert “De Atenas a Cai” (From Athens to Cadiz) (Beigjin, Dalian, Nanjin, Fuzhoo, Dongguan, Zhongshan)

2015, 2016: Educational project in festival “Arte flamenco” in Mont de Marsan.

2016: Seville Biennial. Mujeres de sal (Show with the singer Laura Vital)

2016: Seville Biennial. “La Sirenita por los mares andaluces” (The Little Mermaid across the Andalusian Seas) . Show for children by “Flamencos por el mundo”, with Socrates as the musical direction).

Without further ado, we will now leave you with one of the videos recorded by the artist in our studio in Solera Flamenca which everybody will enjoy for sure… ENJOY IT!