Flamenco guitar Isidro Garrido 1969

This guitar was made in 1969 by the master luthier Isidro Garrido. Born in 1922 in Granada, Isidro Garrido is one of the greatest guitarists from Granada, along with Antonio Marín Montero or Manuel de la Chica, among others. However, Garrido might not have been as popular as Montero or Chica. His first contact with the instrument took place when he was 14, while he was working as a cabinetmaker. In 1948 he started making guitars, learning from Eduardo Ferrer, and later from Rafael Morales. His guitars are really exclusive and hard to find, due to his low production volume: only a few guitars per year.

This guitar was made by Isidro Garrido for Rafael Morales´s shop, a luthier who was a good friend of his, and with whom he shared profession and workshop.

The sound of this flamenco guitar is really surprising, as it reminds us of the timbre of Manuel de la Chica´s guitars. Despite having apparently second-rate woods, they were selected because of their sound qualities, which is easily understandable when we listen to their sound. Its sound quality, separation and clarity are of the highest level we could possibly imagine, so we can clearly state we are before an instrument which performs well above what its price suggests.

The conservation condition is really good. It has twoo cracks on the back, and one in the side, all perfectly repaired with glue, not having used any wooden pawns to do so, due to their little seriousness and their location.

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Additional Information

German spruce

Back and sides


Scale length

660 mm


French polish



String height 12th fret

3.1 mm

Saddle height

7.5 mm

Nut width

50 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

42 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

57 mm


1200 gr


Very good – original

Included case


Optional case (plus 250€)


Optional case ( plus 650 € )

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Video recorded with strings

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